HF & VUC Roskilde is a centre for adult learning in the secondary sector. We are situated in three locations, 25 - 45 km from Copenhagen Airport. Additionally we have a distance learning programme to allow students to show up for as little as one physical course. We offer basic skills, GCSE (class 9+10), HF2 and HFe with an extended programme for dyslexic students and those wanting enough A-level courses for acceptance in the academic universities. Additionally we have support for dyslexic students in the tertiary sector and dyslexic in employment.

The school has decided to opt in on one of the national programmes on environmental awareness in addition to the participation in a network in the Region of Roskilde. We are pleased to see that many of the videos are focused on the nature in the vicinity of the private residence. We have decided to take up the UN world goals 4, 11 and 13, whenever feasible #My_Nordic_Identity #nordplus #SFI #welcome #denmark #integration #inclusion #culture #roskilde #oslo #eira #kramfors

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