SFI (svenska för invandrare) is the national, free Swedish language course for immigrants. SFI provides basic knowledge in the Swedish language and the Swedish society. SFI Kramfors is a part of the adult education system provided by the municipality of Kramfors (Vuxenutbildningen).

The goal of the SFI-education, from the students' point of view, is to communicate spoken and written knowledge in Swedish that provides a solid foundation for work or further studies.

Kramfors is a small rural municipality with ca 18,000 inhabitants in Northern Sweden, 450 km from Stockholm. We are currently 8 teachers and ca 150 students at SFI. Most of our students come from Syria and Eritrea but also from Afghanistan, Somalia, Kurdistan and other countries.

"My Nordic Identity" is the second NordPlus project we are taking part in. In autumn 2019, two of our staff and 20 students travelled to Helsinki to meet with our friends at Eira aikuislukio as part of another NordPlus project. We look forward to a similarly fun and fruitful project with Eira and our two new friends in Roskilde and Oslo. 

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