Oslo VO Rosenhof is a learning centre for Norwegian language and culture for adults. We are situated at three different locations in the capitol of Norway. The schools offer courses in Norwegian, we have primary school (1-10) and high school (11-13) for adults, introduction programs for adult immigrants and two extensive programs combining work experience with language learning on all levels, and other courses needed for integrating well in a Nordic country.

As part of this project on language and identity in the Nordic countries, Rosenhof is focusing on lifestyle changes for immigrants in Norway. We want to look at ways to secure good health both physically and psychologically as part of the learning process at our school, which would mean combining language learning while covering areas that can give our students tools for a better health. Our definition of health is as defined by WHO; "a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not only the absence of disease."

We aspire to make the better material for this type of combined learning easily accessible by videos and recorded talks, as well as visual text in other formats, as a way of sharing any work that might be of interest to use elsewhere. 

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