"I belong"

Thoughtful, innovative material for teachers exploring issues of identity with migrant students and young adults.

My Nordic Identity

This is a collaborative project involving four adult learning centres in four different Nordic countries. We want to give a voice to students who are newcomers to our countries and to support them in activities which focus on the Nordic aspects of their 'present' identity.  We aim to provide quality, innovative materials for teachers tackling issues of identity with migrant students and young adults. 

The project discusses the "Nordic" identity through meetings, social media and the delivery of student generated videos using our teaching material. We hope to use these videos and the physical meetings to strengthen the ties between the adult learning centres and within the local society. We want  to promote better local collaborations so that students of all abilities are able to see their own experiences as being valuable to the "Nordic" identity.

On the Nordic level we hope that the creative material in the Nordic languages will continue and enhance the linguistic and cultural dimensions of identity across the national boundaries. We envisage that migrants would consider other opportunities that would be more likely to orient themselves towards the Nordic countries rather than moving out of the region, thus working against the loss of people with cultural and linguistic awareness. The project group itself is qualified to speak out with four of seven members living in countries different to that of their birth.

Under the tab EXERCISES FOR TEACHERS you'll find interesting teaching materials for your students.

Together we are STRONG

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